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1) Flying will be at the designated flying site (see field map). An on-site club officer will determine if flying needs to be temporary moved to another site, due to activity at the designated site.

2) All members /flying guests must hold a current AMA membership and abide by the AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code and all AMA rules and regulations.

3) Members must place a frequency pin on the Windsock Pole in the pits if not flying on Spread Spectrum (2.4 GHz) before turning on their transmitter. Failure to put a frequency pin on the pole or putting on the transmitter without the pin on the pole that results in a crash of another plane will be the responsibility of the member who failed to put the pin on the pole or put the transmitter on with out the pin on the pole. No one except the pilot shall remove the frequency pin from the stand.

4) Takeoff and landings will be made, parallel to, or at an angle away from others on the flight line or the pit area. Pilots should announce their intention to takeoff, land, make a low pass. All emergency must be declared by the Pilot. (e.g. dead stick, lost of control, May Day, etc.)

5) No aircraft shall be taxied, flown, takeoff or land within 75 feet of the pit area.

6) Flying will cease when any Winding Brook or other farm worker is working in the fields within the flight area, pit or adjacent areas. A club officer will determine when it is safe to commence flying.

7) Parking will be in the designated area (see field map). If parking in the road is necessary do so in a manner not to obstruct vehicular traffic.

8) Engines are not to be broken in or substantially tuned at the Windsor Flying Field.

9) Any aircraft which could potentially harm the grass are strictly prohibited. This includes, but not limited to:

     a) All Helicopters whether gas, electric or otherwise powered.

     b) Any Jet planes (including turbo props) powered by a turbine engine or a similar type of jet engine. This does not include electric fan           jets, which are allowed.

This is by the order of our club and the land owner.

10) All communication between the club and the land owner will be handled by a club officer or their designee. Please contact a club officer with any related field problem.

11) Spilling of Fuel is PROHIBITED. All refueling of aircraft must be done in the designated fueling area (the dirt road). A “catch” system for the excess fuel run off must be used while refueling your aircraft.

12) Any flying guest at our field must be a current AMA member and have their AMA membership card with them. The guest must arrive in the member's vehicle. They need a hosting member present and are the responsibility of the hosting member. If the guest does not follow the club rules, the hosting member's membership may be terminated. Guest should not abuse the privilege of flying as a guest.

13) Club ID badges must be worn at the club field.

14) Pick up all of your trash at the field and take it with you when you leave. This includes cigarette butts, paper towels, aircraft parts, cups, cans etc.

15) When flying at the club field you must use a spotter if flying over 400 feet and keep your aircraft below 1000 feet. If flying above 700 feet you must have telemetry, and an altimeter in your plane. If a full size aircraft is spotted please descend to a lower safe altitude until the traffic is past. Please see AMA Seek and Avoid document (AMA Document 540D).

16) No member, whether flying or not, shall consume or be under the influence of alcohol or any illicit drugs anywhere at the Windsor Flying Field.

17) A spotter must be used when flying a fuel model.

18) NO driving on the Grass for any reason.

19) 55 DB limit at the perimeter dirt road. Town Ordnance specifies a 55 dbA, do not exceed.

20) Fuel Flying limited from 10 am to 5 pm. Fly one fuel plane at a time.

21) Trailers may not always have access, contact the President to see if trailer access is currently available.

22) No extreme acrobatics with fuel planes

23) Do not exceed 8 miles per hour driving on access roads.

24) Fuel planes must at all times be East of the flight line (see field map).

25) NO visitors.


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